A14.1063 Inverted Biological Phase Contrast Microscope

  • Brand New Design 2019 High Level Inverted Laboratory Microscope
  • Super Long Working Distance Upto 187mm Condenser
  • ECO Auto Power Off Function + LCD Screen Available
  • Phase Contrast, Hoffman Contrast, Emboss Contrast (DIC) Optional
  • Upgradeable To Fluorescent Research Microscope A16.1063

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A14.1063_01 A14.1063_02 A14.1063_03 A14.1063_04 A14.1063_05 A14.1063_06 A14.1063_07 A14.1063_08 A14.1063_10 A14.1063_11

A14.1063, A14.1604 Inverted Biological Microscope, A16.1063, A16.1064 Inverted LED Fluorescent Microscope A14.1063 A14.1064 A16.1063 A16.1064 Cata. No.
Optical System NIS60 Infinite Optical System (F200)
Observation Method Bright Field,
Phase Contrast
DIC 3D Emboss Contrast
Hoffman Phase Contrast
Head Seidentopf Viewing Head, Inclined At 45° , Interpupillary Distance 48-75mm, Eyepiece Tube Dia.30mm
Eyepiece / F.O.V EW10x/22mm, Diopter Adjustable, Dia.30mm A51.1030-1022
EW15x/16mm, Diopter Adjustable, Dia.30mm A51.1030-1516
EW20x/12mm, Diopter Adjustable, Dia.30mm A51.1030-2012
Nosepiece Quintuple Nosepiece, Dovetail Interface - -
Coded Quintuple Nosepiece, Dovetail Interface - -
LWD Infinity Plan Objective 4x/0.10, W.D.30.0mm A5M.1032-4
10x/0.25, W.D.10.2mm A5M.1032-10
20x/0.40, W.D.12.0mm A5M.1032-20
40x/0.60, W.D.2.20mm A5M.1032-40
LWD Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objective 4x/0.10, W.D.30.0mm A5C.1038-4
10x/0.25, W.D.10.2mm A5C.1038-10
20x/0.40, W.D.12.0mm A5C.1038-20
40x/0.60, W.D.2.20mm A5C.1038-40
LWD Infinity Plan Semi-APO Phase Contrast Objective 4x/0.13, W.D.17.0mm A5C.1039-4
10x/0.3, W.D.7.4mm A5C.1039-10
20x/0.45, W.D.8.0mm A5C.1039-20
40x/0.60, W.D.3.6mm A5C.1039-40
20x/0.45, W.D.7.5-8.8mm  With Iris Adjustable A5C.1040-20
40x/0.60, W.D.3.0-4.4mm  With Iris Adjustable A5C.1040-40
60x/0.70, W.D.1.8-2.6mm With Iris Adjustable A5C.1040-60
LWD  Infinity Plan Semi-APO Fluorescent Objective 4x/0.13, W.D.17.0mm, Cover Glass - - - A5F.1032-4
10x/0.30, W.D.7.4mm, Cover Glass1.2mm - - A5F.1032-10
20x/0.45, W.D.8.0mm, Cover Glass1.2mm - - A5F.1032-20
40x/0.60, W.D.3.3mm, Cover Glass1.2mm - - A5F.1032-40
60x/0.70, W.D.1.8-2.6mm, Cover Glass1.2mm A5F.1032-60
Focusing System Coaxial Coarse & Fine Adjustment, Tension Adjustable (At Right Hand), Fine Division 0.002mm,  Coarse Focusing Range Up 7mm, Down 1.5mm, Max Up To 18.5mm After Removing Focusing Limit.
Working Stage Plain Working Stage 170(X) x 250(Y)mm,
Attachable Mechanical Moving Stage,  X-Y Coaxial Moving 128x80mm A54.1063-XY
Stage Clip A54.1063-SC
Well Clamper For Well Plate A54.1063-WC
Glass Stage Plate A54.1063-G
Metal Stage Plate For Culture Bottle A54.1063-M
Auxilliary Plate 2 Pieces (1 Piece Each Side) A54.1063-A
Universal Holder A54.1063-U
Terasaki Holder A54.1063-T
Dia.35mm Petri Dish Holder A54.1063-35
Dia.54mm Slide & Petri Dish Holder A54.1063-54
Dia.65mm Slide & Petri Dish Holder A54.1063-65
Dia.90mm Petri Dish Holder A54.1063-90
Condenser Long Working Distance Detachable Condenser NA 0.3, W.D.75mm, Without Condenser W.D.187mm
Illumination Transmitted Illumination 3W S-LED Critical Illumination - -
Transmitted Illumination 3W S-LED Kohler Illumination - -
Reflected Illumination 3W LED, For Epi-Fluorescence
Phase Contrast Centering Telescope 10x, Tube Dia. 30mm A5C.1063-T
Phase Slider For 4x//10x-20x-40x A5C.1063-S
Phase Slider For 10x-20x,40x APO Objectives A5C.1063-APOS1
Phase Slider For 4x,60x APO Objectives A5C.1063-APOS2
Emboss Contrast DIC Emboss Contrast Slider For 10x-20x-40x Universal Emboss Contrast Plate For 10x-20x-40x A5C.1063-DIC
Hoffman Phase Contrast Hoffman Phase Contrast Set: --Hoffman Phase Contrast Condenser, With Polarizer, --Hoffman Phase Contrast Objective 10x, 20x, 40x --Hoffman Phase Slider For 10x, 20x, 40x --Centering Telescope 10x, Tube Dia. 30mm A5C.1064
Epi-Fluorescence Attachment Epi-Fluorescence Attachment, Turret With 3 Holes For Filter Cubes, With Noise Terminator Mechanism, With Attachable UV Shield
Filter Cube B + LED Unit, 365nm A5F.1063-B
Filter Cube G + LED Unit, 405nm A5F.1063-G
Filter Cube U + LED Unit, 485nm A5F.1063-U
Filter Cube V + LED Unit, 525nm A5F.1063-V
Filter Cube FITC A5F.1063-FITC
Filter Cube DAPI A5F.1063-DAPI
Filter Cube TRITC A5F.1063-TRITC
Photo Port Head Side Camera Port Switchable 100/0:0/100
Photo Adapter 1.0x C-Mount A55.1063-1.0
0.5x C-Mount A55.1063-0.5
0.7x C-Mount A55.1063-0.7
Power Supply AC 100-240V,50/60Hz
ECO Function Auto Power Off 15 Minutes After No Operator Working - -
LCD Screen LCD Screen On Front Of Body, Display Using State Of Microscope, Including Magnification, Light Intensity, Standby Status, ECO Set Power Off Timer 5 Mins to 8 Hours, And So On. - -
Dimensions 244(W)x543(D)x526(H) mm
Note:""In Table Is Standard Outfits,"" Is Optional Accessories "-" Is Unavailable

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