Digital Comparison Microscope

Products Details

A18.1808-Customized Comparison Microscope Specification
Magnification 2.7x~255x

Zoom objective 0.7~4.9x, zoom ratio 1:7

Auxiliary lens 0.3x

Auxiliary lens 2.0x

Separation Line Separation line adjusting system, can adjust separation line easily
Magnification Correcting System Magnification Correcting Lens 1 pair, to manually adjust 2 optical systems magnification to be exactly same for comparison
Bullet Holder

Manual Bullet Holder set to hold all sizes bullets, shell cartridge and etc.

Motorized Bullet Holder (3-speed)

Working Stage Tiltable big working stage, X-Y manual movement Motorized focusing system, Z axel manual/motorized movement +Adjustable Arm for holding laptop
Light Source

High intensity 150W fiber optic cold illumination system with rigid fiber optic cables. Includes focused collector lens on tips for quick adjustment of light spot

LED Multiband cold light source with blue, green, red, and white colors. Colors are pushbutton selected on control panel.

5W LED Cold light illuminator with manually inserted red and green color filters

Coaxial light lens

Polarizing lens

Red/Green Filter


SLR Camera Adapter

CCD Adapter 0.5x, 1.0x

Control Box Combined external control box Control box panel with centralized control of microscope components. Controls fiber optic light on/off and illumination intensity, controls LED multiband cold light on/off and selection of four colors, controls on/off of LED ring lights, controls 3-speed motorized bullet holder, controls up/down movement of motorized stage focusing
Software Professional forensic image analysis software Crime Image
CCD Built-in digital CCD built-in, 3.0M, video/USB output