A21.3601-STL7 Monocular Zoom Video Microscope, 0.7-4.5x

• 0.7-4.5x Monocular Zoom Video Microscope Body • Total Magnification 0.35x-225x Continou Zoom • With Standard CCD Mount And Optical Lens 1x • Column Diameter 25mm, Working Distance 100mm • C-Mount 0.35x, 1.0x, Auxiliary 0.5x, 2.0x Optional

Products Details

Items A21.3601 Mono Zoom Video Microscope A21.3601 A21.3601 -B3 A21.3601 -STL7
Head Monocular
C-Mount 0.5x, W.D.100mm
Objective 0.7x-4.5x
Magnification 0.35x-2.25x, Zoom Power
Focusing Type XLB-A1 Basket Holder, Range 62mm, Mirror Aperture Φ50mm
Stand None, Main Body Only    
B3 Pillar Stand, Column diameter Φ25mm, Height 323mm or 270mm    
STL7 Stand, Diameter Φ25mm, Height 340mm, Size 380x260x20mm    
Items A21.3601 Mono Zoom Video Microscope Optional Accessories
C-Mount 0.35x
Auxiliary Objective 0.5x
Light Source LED Ring Lamp
Eyepiece Standard Objective 0.7x-4.5x Auxiliary objective 0.5x Auxiliary objective 2.0x
W.D.100mm W.D.198mm W.D.46mm
Magnification Field Of View Magnification Field Of View Magnification Field Of View
0.35x 0.245x 23.0 0.1225x 46.0 0.49x 11.6
1.575x 3.0 0.7875x 7.0 3.15x 1.7
0.5x 0.35x 17.6 0.175x 35.0 0.7x 8.8
2.25x 2.7 1.125x 5.0 4.5x 1.3
1.0x 0.7x 9.0 0.35x 17.6 1.4x 4.0
4.5x 1.6 2.25x 3.0 9x 0.7

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